Client management and data driven insights for functional health and wellness coaches, all in one place.

Biocanic is a data platform built for functional health coaches and their clients. We connect objective data from multiple lab testing providers and link it to the health outcomes that people are looking for. We do this through data aggregation and analysis to quickly identify the best possible health program for each individual.

Our Mission

To fundamentally transform the world in how people manage their health and wellness to achieve optimal vitality across their life span

We will achieve this through collecting objective health data from all parts of the body, combining it with the desires and motivations of an individual and become the platform that empowers people to be their own health detective

Biocanic will lead each person to making every subsequent day feel better than the one before

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How it Works

We are all about making getting healthy easier and faster

Making sense of all the health information in the world is time consuming if not overwhelming!

We look at multiple lab for different functions of the body. Testing for things like hormones, gut dysbiosis, and metabolic function.

Using proven clinical analysis, we highlight the key values to the functional health providers and their clients get to the root of their health issues and put them on the fastest path to resolution

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Biocanic Health Trackers

Complete functional health programs, from intake to improved outcomes

Biocanic streamlines all points of the functional health process. We combine everything from client intake assessments, health trackers, and supplement protocols into a delightful health coach and client user experience.

Health Trackers

Track anything you want. Working on diet, sleep, exercise or lifestyle changes? Biocanic can help you track any goal you want to achieve

Client Functional Summary

Biocanic process any lab test and puts it all in one spot, so you have a functional view of all the key data elements in one spot. No more having to dig through multiple PDFs and spreadsheets.

Biocanic supports all the popular functional lab tests including the DUTCH test, GI-MAP, among many others. We’re adding new ones every day!

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NEW - Supplement Protocol Image - April 30 2019

Supplement protocols

Connect your clients with an easy to follow and flexible supplement program builder. Can't find all the supplements you want in a single dispensary? We work with all the key supplement dispensaries to enable your clients to order what they need from a single easy to use interface.

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